Monday, February 24, 2014

100th Day of First Grade

This year the 100th day of school landed on the same day as class picture day.....figures!  So we got to celebrate for two days.  On the 100th day we wrote 100 words, did 100 jumping jacks, wrote about what we would do with $100 and read lots of books related to the number 100.  We are definitely 100 days SMARTER!!!!!

Then on day 101 when it wasn't class picture day we dressed like we were 100 years old.  Get a load of these "old geezers"!

"Ouch, my aching back"


Friday, February 14, 2014


We had a "LOVELY" day this Valentine's Day. 
 Measuring with heart rulers in math

We also made Splat the Cat projects that told our families when we feel loved at home. But my camera battery died, of course. This is a picture of the unit from Cara Carroll if you want it on TPT.  It is filled with great activities like all of her units.
Love, Splat Mini Unit {Math & Literacy Activities}
We did some valentine ABC order and went to Jump Rope For Heart........

Finally we got to passing out valentines.....

 and reading our valentines!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Fun

Here we are "Skating in to the New Year"
Here we are playing "Head Hunter" where we have sight words stuck to our heads.  We have to go around and read each other's heads and record the sight word on our recording sheets.  We LOVE this game.


 Thank you to our first grade families for doing such great work on the Martin Luther King Jr. home project.  His dream came true and we are all learning together.

 If I had a hat like Abe..................