Wednesday, November 20, 2013

50th Day of School 2013

We were rockin' and rollin' all day today since it was the 50th day of school.  We started the day by dancing to Barbara Ann from Just Dance Kids (via Youtube) and got a real sense of what 50's music was like.  What a warm up for learning! 


After that, we moved on to making a favorite after school treat form the 50's...root beer floats.  YUM!  This was research of course so we could write our How To pieces titled....How To Make a Root Beer Float.  We wrote it together on chart paper, then everyone made their own piece.  Check them out in the hallway at conferences.

Our Math work revolved around the number 50 too.  Can't wait for day 100!!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blogger blues

So I wanted to upload the photos of our fun Halloween party while using my iPad and discovered it won't work. the Halloween party I went to take photos of the more than willing posers all dressed in their adorable costumes, when alas the classroom camera battery! Ah, I brought my iPad to school so I grab it and start shooting. Pose, click, pose, click pose, click and so on.  Fast I sit realizing I cannot get the photos saved on the iPad to load to the blog....waaaaa!  There is an option for uploading photos from your phone or android, but not iPad. Am I missing something here? What to do, what to do? If you have any advice shoot me an email. or I will try to figure something out.  Sorry you won't get to see the pics yet.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Itty Bitty Spelling

I am always looking for ways to make learning fun.  This idea from Firs Grade Blue Skies had the firsties looking like little scientists.  They had to find their spelling words that were typed in itty bitty font and then read and record them on a list.

We also had fun in math practicing numbers to 120 on our huge 120 chart I made on a Dollar Tree shower liner.

One student had to SWAT the number I said with a fly swatter on the big chart, while the rest of the class had to try to beat that person at finding the number on their own 120 chart at the same time.

Making learning fun!!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week Two is Here!

It has been a slow start, but we are having fun while learning the rules and procedures.  Here are some photos to enjoy.  If you are new to the blog you need to know you can click on the photo if you want to see it bigger.  Also, go to the left of the blog and click JOIN THIS SITE.  I want to get past 49 followers!

We are "O fishally" first graders.
Having fun in math centers.......



We are taking LOTS of brain breaks these days because everything seems to be taking a LONG time and our little bodies need to move!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Welcome to the new Firsties! 2013-14

I am so happy to see all my new little firstie friends.  We have 18 in the class and I can tell already that they will all work hard this year to succeed.  Back To School Night is tonight and I am thrilled to get to meet 18 new families.  See you soon!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Smores and Field Day 2013

First grade writing includes writing a piece to inform your audience on a topic.  We decided to write How-to pieces and we started the lesson off with making smores.  What better way to prepare to tell someone how to do something than to do it yourself first. So off to the teacher's room we went with all our ingredients.  We made the smores step by step and discussed the words we would use to describe our actions.  We even timed the melting so we would know the number to include in our writing.  Finally, we got to EAT them!!!!

After we ate (and licked our fingers), we went back to our classroom to write the How-to together on chart paper.  This helped greatly when it came time for the kids to write their own How-to a few days later.
Field Day 2013
This year's Field Day was perfect.  The weather , the parent volunteers and the students all worked together to make a super fun day!
Check it out!!!!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cowboys, Cowgirls and Surgeons

During OW and OU week, we came in dressed as cowboys and cowgirls to help the ow sound to really sink in! 

On the same day, we were treated to a catered lunch from Olive Garden for being the class that collected the most coins for Pennies For Pasta which helps cancer research.  We dined on pasta, salad and the kid's favorite.....bread sticks.  Thanks Olive garden!

Here are some cowgirls working with 3D shapes.

Our next dress up adventure happened today as we became contraction surgeons.  A great big thank you goes to BRAYCES for donating the masks and gloves.  With some dollar store adhesive strips and some paper bones we were ready to cut and contract!

Loving all this first grade fun!!!!!!