Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plymouth Colony in First grade

 One of my favorite lessons to teach is the story of Plymouth Colony and  the Wampanoag Indians.  The kids LOVE it.  A few years back I tried making a mural of the setting which worked out so great.  So now I do it every year.  Each year it looks a bit different  which is my favorite part because it showcases the personalities of the class.  We hang it in the hallway and it is enjoyed by the other classes that walk by.  I love hearing past students telling me they remember the part they made.  Lessons like these are the ones that stick in their memories.
Here are some close ups of the mural.  The Wampanoag Village has the wigwams and a fire for cooking.

The Pilgrims homes are quite fancy this year.  Maybe I have some future Design Stars in this class.

Fishing to feed the village.

The main event, of course, is the feast.  Nice table made by Ethan!
Love this craftivity I got from A Cupcake For The Teacher. We wrote Indian facts on them.

And here is what we are thankful for......

I am thankful for this pilgrim craftivity from First Grade W.O.W .  It was a freebie so go to her blog and grab it for yourself.
Parent teacher conferences start this Friday.  Lots to share and learn about this year's firsties.  Can't wait!


Nancy VandenBerge said...

Marybeth! Your little Pilgrim kids turned out great!! Thanks for the shout out!! You're awesome!

Mrs Cupcake said...

I love how the Native Americans turned out!!! Thank you so much for the shout! ;)
A Cupcake for the Teacher