Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Fun, 100 day and Dental Health

One day this winter it actually snowed enough for us to go out and TRY to build a snowman in hopes that building the snowman would help us with process writing.  Well, we were not super successful at building the real snowman, except for Livia as you see below.  However, we were successful at writing our How To Build A Snowman piece!

100 Day and Happy Valentine's Day
On February 14th, we celebrated the 100th day of school along with Valentine's Day.
We are 100 days SMARTER!

We ate 100 snacks!

And mailed our valentines.
We also wrote a book containing 100 words, decided what we would buy with 100 dollars and drew ourselves looking 100 years old.  It was  a super busy, fun-filled day for sure.  Oh, and on top of that...we had class pictures taken.  If it wasn't for the class pictures you would have seen all these little firsties dressed as if they were 100 years old too.

Dental Health
Ethan and his dad.

Thank you to Mr. Scalfaro from "Brayces" for coming in to teach us about keeping our teeth healthy.  We learned so much!



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