Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Smores and Field Day 2013

First grade writing includes writing a piece to inform your audience on a topic.  We decided to write How-to pieces and we started the lesson off with making smores.  What better way to prepare to tell someone how to do something than to do it yourself first. So off to the teacher's room we went with all our ingredients.  We made the smores step by step and discussed the words we would use to describe our actions.  We even timed the melting so we would know the number to include in our writing.  Finally, we got to EAT them!!!!

After we ate (and licked our fingers), we went back to our classroom to write the How-to together on chart paper.  This helped greatly when it came time for the kids to write their own How-to a few days later.
Field Day 2013
This year's Field Day was perfect.  The weather , the parent volunteers and the students all worked together to make a super fun day!
Check it out!!!!


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