Tuesday, May 20, 2014

We are writers!

It's the time of year when we learn to write informative pieces.  These little Firsties are writing How To's and non-fiction articles about topics we love.  Since learning happens best when students are actively engaged and participating in the lesson, we got to chew gum in school and try to blow bubbles.  How else would we be able to write a How To Blow Bubbles piece....we HAD to have gum, right?  Check us out!

Some of us were super successful!

And some of us not so much........

After we tried to blow bubbles, we were ready to write the steps of how to do it.  Ta Da!
Our second attempt at being informative writers was writing All About pieces.  We wrote all about what we learned in science about the sun.  We had an opening sentence, followed by 4 facts and then a closing sentence.  These turned out to be nice paragraphs.
Our third attempt was How To Make a P.B.and J.  We used colored rectangles as our ingredients this time.  Our imaginations were busy helping us make P.B. and J. sandwiches.    By this time the Firsties are quite good at writing informatively.  Check us out!
After we wrote our pieces, we read it to a partner who had to act out the steps we wrote.  If our partner had trouble then we knew we needed to edit and add more specific words.  Tomorrow will be publishing day.


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