Friday, August 26, 2011

Classroom Set Up Continued

The classroom is getting there little by little.  I have a few more photos to share.  I adopted some shelving from my mom to help get that behind my desk area looking a little better.  It's still not as eye appealing as I'd like especially after seeing the organization some of the other bloggers have going you gals live at school?  I am in awe of your colors and themes.  I just don't have the time right now, but as the year goes on WATCH OUT!
So it looks better with the shelves.  I have a material USA map hanging to the left to hide the shelves underneath which house my monthly read alouds that I don't want little hands touching.  Next to that is a farm themed drape to cover my math boxes.  The adopted shelves allowed me to put photo frames on the counter in front which is nice.  It's a work in progress.

These are my leveled books for Buddy Reading during centers.  I do literacy centers based on Debbie Dillar and Fountas and Pinell guidelines.  (More on that another time.)  The sentence strip reminds my kiddies how to start their sentence in their reading journals after they read to their buddy.  The empty space below will house the basket of journals.  The directions for the center are posted on the red and white mini poster.  I also take pictures of the kids in the center doing the jobs and hang them in the center.  This visual is another good reminder for them of what is expected in the center. (Besides the fact that they love seeing themselves in photos.)

Our BB  for Writer's Workshop.  We brainstorm ideas that good writers write about and write them on a chart.   I cut apart the chart and hang all the ideas on the BB so the kids can look for an idea whenever they have a writing block.

I give up... I can't figure out how to rotate this picture so turn your head and take a look at my adaptation of pencils glue and tying shoes BB idea.  You can see her original idea here.  This will be my writing center with picture dictionaries and mini thematic word walls in the crates.  The white drawers hold the materials and assignments.

Well that's it for now. We have to prepare for a hurricane here on the east coast.  We even got a call that said our school building will be closed on Monday.  A bit premature, but necessary I guess.  Just puts me one more day behind in the set up.  Pray that Irene will spare us all.  Thank you!

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