Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally Setting Things Up

Well it's oficially time...I got in to the room and began  the set up process.  With half excitement and half sadness towards saying goodbye to summer, I made a plan for how to attack this process.  Every year (for 20 years now) I think "This year I will be SUPER organized" and every year I get defeated.  But this year I am even more inspired by the other first grade blogs I've been following and I have picked up some great organizing ideas.

Here are some snapshots of my beginning.  I'll add more as I go along.

This is the messy part,  pulling everything out from the closets and off the shelves.  Of course my daughter, Mya, finding the free play Friday toy closet wasn't helping me AT ALL.  At least she played for the 4 hours I was busy.

This war zone is going to be SUPER organized and eye appealing soon, I promise.  This is the very corner of the room, my desk.  I wouldn't have it if it didn't house files and supplies.  I NEVER sit there. 

This is the bulliten board I use to remind my kiddies about what good readers do. It's visible by the whole class and close to my guided reading table.

I used to use a Star Student pocket chart, but last year I decided to make this BB more colorful.  I laminated the background papers and each week the Star Student's information is written on index cards and taped onto the background so it looks like a frame.  If the student brings in photos I add them all around the edges or in the frames on the chalkledge.

Math On The Wall is helpful all year.  I add odd and even numbers later.  On the opposite side of the room I have numbers, number words and a number line. 
Below this is my calendar. 
I always start the year spending time on the calendar, but as the year moves along I make it the job of the "leader of the day".  That student adds all the info in the morning and reports the data at morning meeting time.  It is my little way of building oral speaking skills with no pressure. 
The white adding machine tape is where I write the "Spanish Word of the Week".  We focus on one word or phrase each week.  On Friday we add the word in spanish and english to our journals and illustrate.  At the end of the year we have a good start with our spanish vocabulary.  We don't get to see the spanish teacher (budget cuts) so it is up to us to incorporate spanish.  I love the language so it's fun for me too.

I need to make a new 2011 label.  My post-it note is so LAME!

Stay tuned this week for more progress.  Today is family day so we are headed to the beach.  It's just too nice out and hurricane Irene is on the way so we are sucking up the sun while we can.  I know I'll be mentally preparing my room all day though!

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