Sunday, December 11, 2011

Where Oh Where Has My Teacher Gone?

Did you ever have a conflict where you were honored to be asked to do something, but at the same time be upset about the very same thing.  Here's what I 'm talking about.

 I am part of a consortium that is adopting the core curriculum standards and writing them to fit the needs of our district's LA program, basically.  At least once a month I need to attend an all day meeting out of my district to work on this task.  This is exciting to me for many reasons.  I love teaching LA and getting to know the standards inside and out will help me teach more effectively.  But on the other hand these meetings take me away from my firsties and teaching.  I have been diligent in getting substitutes that I know and trust to do a great job.  I get very possessive of my firsties and am quite a control freak when it comes to what and how they are being taught. 

That's not the end.  I am also being trained in Ortan Gillingham, which is a program that uses multisensory approaches to teach reading to young children.  I am real excited about that too, but again time away from my firsties.  At least this training is in district and I can stop in a few times to check on everyone during the day.  These two events happened to take me away 4 times in December from my class.  DECEMBER  people....I'm busy in December!  We are reading so many gingerbread man/boy versions, and making so many projects, and writing up a storm.  I am about ready to pull some hair out.  Not to mention writing sub plans is no picnic!

So if you're asking...where oh where has my teacher gone?  That's where. 

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