Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog's Day

We had so much fun making predictions about the Groundhog and his shadow.  We used great activities from First Grade Fever's groundhog unit and some other freebies that the fabulously generous first grade teachers of blog world offered this month.  I am really loving the new ideas and graphics I can access from blog world.  It makes the kiddos and me motivated to work! 

So, the groundhog did see his more weeks of winter. If that is true bring on the snow.  I personally would like Mother Nature to send a snow day before the 100th day of school because....wait for it......  yes, I have curriculum writing that day out of district.  100 Day falls on Feb. 10th for us and I'll be sitting with 30 other teacher's writing ALL day.  Let me here the "boos and  hisses"!!!!  I will plan lots of fun activities for the substitute to cover, but I will keep the best activities for Monday, Feb. 13th, 101st day of school.  Who says we can't celebrate both?! Check in next week to see all that we will do.

Maybe our hallway snowmen can send signals to Mother Nature for a snow day too!

Here is a picture of the hula hoop clock I made after seeing it on Pinterest.  What a cool idea!  We used it today to practice time to the hour and make our Groundhog Time books.

Remember, check back next week for 100 Day and 101 Day photos!

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