Tuesday, February 14, 2012

100th Day of School...Check it out!

So we had our 100th day of school on Friday, but "Boo Hoo" I couldn't be there because of curriculum writing.  So of course, I saved the funnest activities until yesterday the 101st day.  We dressed like we were 101 years old and it was hysterical to say the least.  Check it out! (you can click each picture to make it bigger)
From canes and gray beards to.....

curlers and pearls.  We even had an appearance from the "Old Cat Lady".  See the cat in the purse.

I had fun Thrift Store shopping over the weekend to make my look.  I think I went through half a container of Baby Powder for my hair.

Great shawls, girls!

Gavin was rockin' his walker equipped with "meds".  Love it!

Thank you to Mrs. Costello for the cupcakes.

Below is an example of the 101 year old self portraits we made.  Love the lips.

We finished the day with a trail mix of 101 snacks.  They chose 10 items from 10 plates and then went back to pick 1 more of their favorite to make the 101.

 I kept a close eye out during this activity ...you know those "old people" like to take things like sugar packets from Diners.  No "freebies" after the 101st piece.  Can you tell my second job is waitressing?

Riley was sporting his great grandfather's hat and cane that were over 100 years old, I'm told. 

What a fun day.  I did have a headache by the time I went home though.  I'll chalk it up to that tight bun in my hair.  HAHAHAH!

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