Friday, April 27, 2012

Planting, How To and Oreo Moons

We have been quite busy this month.  Below you can see us planting our Marigold seeds with our third grade reading buddies.  The Horton's showed us how to plant the seeds and what our seeds will need.  Then all the plants went into the greenhouse that Home Depot built us.  Can't wait to watch the progress.  When the plants are mature enough they will get planted around town. 

Some other fun we've had included....bubble gum chewing?  Yes, you heard it...we chewed sugarless Bazooka in class.  Well, it was all for the purpose of learning.  We were doing How To writing.  So what's more fun than experiencing a bubble blowing session and then writing about how we did it.  I demonstrated many times, of course.  (I love Bazooka!)

As I demonstrated we did a shared writing (see it behind me).

Then everyone got a chance.  I laughed harder at my firsties trying to blow those bubbles than I have laughed in a long time!  They were SO not good at it!

First, chew the gum for at least one minute.

Chew and chew and chew.

Then flatten the gum with your tongue and get it behind your teeth.

Next, press your tongue through your teeth and blow air into the gum.

Oops! Don't let it pop out of your mouth!

There are all kinds of bubbles....little, fast popping ones.

And bubbles that just don't make it.

But the more you practice, like Vince, the better your bubbles get!

That is one lesson I'm sure will stick with my firsties for a long time, I hope!  Their How To pieces turned out awesome......just as awesome as Vince's bubble.

Last, but not least, this month we finished up our space unit.  I used so many great lessons from various blogs, but my firsties enjoyed this one the most, of course.........

OREO phases of the moon

And there she 14 year old.... on Take Your Child To Work Day.  She rocks as a teacher in training, I must say!

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TracyCalabrese said...

Awww....looks like it was a great week to be in your class. Joey is looking forward to coming back this week.