Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Been SOOOO Long!

I must apologize for not posting for sooooooo long.  Our benchmark tests (DRA) are finally done and I can get back to a normal frame of mind.

We have been doing some fun things during all this assessment believe it or not.  Check it out.

We made a cool banner for our Fact Vs. Fiction plant display.  The kids designed the artwork.  Nicely done!

At the end of our plant unit I assessed them by making this art project where they had to label the plant parts and the job that part does.  In the middle of the flower we glued seeds for "texture".

On the fiction side, we decided what magical seed we could plant to grow a magical tree, bush or flower.  We read Our Silly Garden  first for some inspiration.  I borrowed the book from another teacher. When I  went to to buy one of my own, I found out it is only in ebook form now.  BOO HOO!  I'll have to research it more on Amazon possibly. 

After I planted a magical coin, it grew into a money tree.

In math we have been adding and subtracting two digit numbers like crazy!  Lots of fun activities from The Teacher Wife's Double Digit unit.  Go check it out on TPT.  By the way TPT has officially become my new guilty pleasure.  I try not to look at my total purchases.  It's scary!

Part of our geometry unit was learning symmetry so we made symmetric butterflies for our "SYMME TREE".  At first the kids just made a few symmetric designs on the white background.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  So I sent them down the hall to Mrs. Kisby's display of butterflies and not wanting to be outdone, my little artists got back to work.  AHHH, much better!

There's more to share but I hear the herd little footsteps coming down the hall so I'll catch up with you all later!

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I just found your cute blog! I am your newest follower! I look forward to reading more. :)

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