Friday, October 26, 2012

Read the Room Fun

We have been having lots of fun reading the room to practice the phonics skills we have learned.  Over the First Grade Rainbow has a fun R blends unit that has a really fun activity where the kids get to use a pretend camera to go around and "take pictures" of R blends.  Check out her unit on TPT.

I put the big pictures up all around the room and then there are little pictures cut up in the cup.  After the kids "took a picture" with their camera, they read the word and took a little picture to put in their camera.

The camera is a piece of copy paper folded and glued into a pocket to hold the little pictures.
Then they go back to their desk, empty out the camera and glue each little picture into the "photo album" and write the r blend under it.

Here is a view of our Red Ribbon Week door.  "Don't let drugs sneak up on you!"

We wrote about our monsters as if they were our pets for some fantasy fiction writing practice.
The next fun October activity was an Addition Scoot.  I can't remember where I got this from and I apologize if it was from your blog.  On each desk is a numbered card with an addition problem on it.   The kids visit each desk, record the addition problem in the numbered box and answer it.   They loved it.



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Laura Boriack said...

Hi! I am so glad you liked the R Blends activities!!! It's so fun to see it being used outside of my classroom. It makes all the hours I spend making my units totally worth it :)
Over the 1st Grade Rainbow