Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apples, Apples Everywhere

This year we are going to Johnson's Corner Farm for our class trip instead of the Philadelphia Zoo.  To get ready for our trip we have been exploring all things apples in science.  We will continue with plant life upon our return from the farm. 

To kick off the learning, my family came in to help out.  My 14 year old, Madeline, taught a sink and float lesson with the apples.  We made a hypothesis and all.  Apples are buoyant, they float.  All our little scientists sat very attentively with their clipboards and recorded the results of the experiment.
After that science lesson, we moved on to the taste test.  We tasted red, green and yellow apples.  Thanks to Mr. Cialini for cutting them all and passing them out to us.

There were plenty of apple slices to taste again an again so we were sure which one we liked best. 
Then we graphed our results with the help of my youngest, Mya, who gave out the markers.

                       We liked yellow apples the most.

On another day we made apple art projects and added labels after reading Gail Gibbons book, Apples.  We also read information about apples and decided if the sentence was FACT or OPINION.
We are certainly ready for our trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch tomorrow!  Hope it doesn't rain!

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