Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Week Was Fantastic

We started the week off doing so many fun projects.  Here we are water coloring our "Soaring Into a New Year" balloons.

I have the desks arranged in table groupings.  They were so excited to have an actual desk to put their "stuff" in....It was so cute!  This class has some real talent in the art department.  Not only was the painting impressive, but their detailed illustrations on other activities were quite impressive.
 Just proves our Kindergarten team is awesome at what they do to get these kiddos ready for first grade!

I adopted the idea of the Peacemaker's Promise from First Grade Parade

We read the No David books, which the kids love (read the book to figure out why), and then we talked and charted the ways that David and others can be Peacebreakers.  Of course, that was followed by a discussion about how we could be Peacemakers instead.  So now whenever there is a behavior that needs work I simply say..."Please don't be a peacebreaker."  So far so good.  NO one is on yellow (10 minutes away from recess) and I hope to keep it that way!

We also had lots of fun with Back to School activities from Abby over at Inspired Apple and her Fun With Firsties pack.  If you don't have it, buy it from Teachers Pay Teachers and start now or save it for next year.  Second grade teachers could benefit from this too.

More pictures to come. 
 I have to get in the groove of saving my pictures to my zip drive so I can blog from home or school.  Remember, I'm new at this.  I'm sure there is an easier way I just haven't learned yet.  Anyone know one?


The First Grade Parade said...

Love how yours turned out!!! Looks like the year is off to a great start for you!!!

Cara :)
The First Grade Parade

KaitsMom said...

if you have an iphone & Apple computer its real easy to get the pictures from the phone to the computer. You just plug in the phone to the computer using the usb cord and they just start uploading. Then you dont even need to use a zip drive. And the iphone takes really good pictures.