Monday, September 12, 2011

Math Patterns

It's day 5 of school and we are already showing amazing work!  Today for math we reviewed how to extend a pattern.  We started with snap, clap, slap and stomp cards from my old Math Their Way supplies from my kindergarten days (who says hoarding is not a good character trait?).  After we made patterns moving our bodies, we moved on to linking cubes (Unifix cubes).  I gave out the pattern set on an index card and the kids had to make it and extend it as long as their arm.

Everyone did an amazing job.  After this, I gave out pattern (attribute) blocks and the kids created a pattern of their own.  (sorry photo did not turn out of this)
To finish the lesson, they drew a pattern in their math journals with only two sets and a friend had to extend it.  They loved checking each other's work.  Smiley faces all around! :)

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