Thursday, March 1, 2012

More February Fun!

What a busy month!  February is now busier than December around here.  We have had so much fun while learning this month (not that we don't always have know me!).  After the 101st day of school, we moved right into Valentine fun with activities from Reagan Tunstall's unit from TPT.  Here we are measuring things around our classroom with nonstandard units (hearts, of course).  We even measured each other.

Here we are playing, exploring with our place value blocks before we started our lesson.  If we don't get time to play, explore with them first the lesson won't go quite as well, you know! 

The kids got the tens and ones concept right away!  Yeah! We went on to play lots of fun learning games from Cara Carroll's unit about place value. 
Hope all my blog friends check it out.  It's a great unit on TPT.

And now, we are ending February and beginning March with a week full of Seuss celebrations.  Check them out.....

We  watched Justin Bieber read The Cat in the Hat on Youtube and decided if we would want The Cat to come to our house or not.  Got this from First Grade Fever's blog.  If you (blog friends) didn't get it,  you should for next year.  Love it!

We read Horton Hatches the Egg.  Then, we decided what kind of animal we wanted to create like the "Elephantbird" in the book.  The kids had great ideas for combining two animals into a new one.  We made a list of our ides and got to work creating that new animal.  I love them all, but the "pish" (pig fish) really cracks me up for some reason! Maybe because I like all things chubby!

Check out Wacky Wednesday.

Believe it or not during all this fun, we actually had time to continue our weather unit too!

Tomorrow is Green Eggs and Ham day. Come back to see that fun!

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Lori Rosenberg said...

Great pictures! My K-2 students made the same If the Cat in the Hat came to my house craftivity. They came out so cute. I love yours, too!