Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back To School Night

Tomorrow night is Back To School Night and I am excited to meet all the parents even though I dread speaking in front of a group of adults.  We have been super busy getting to know each other and making our classroom look welcoming for everyone. 

Today we read Product Details and we talked about being Peacemakers.  We passed around a big red paper heart and every time one of the characters in the story hurt Chrysanthemum's feelings, we crumbled the heart a little.  When the story was over we tried to smooth away the wrinkles, but quickly discovered it couldn't be done. That's what happens when we hurt people's feelings too.  We can say we are sorry, but the hurt is already done. 

The children were really in tune with the whole idea more than I expected them to be.  I put band-aids on the heart and told the kids if they wanted to be a Peacemaker and try their best to make their friends feel good, they should sign a band-aid.

I love the beginning of the year because we can do so many character building lessons with so many great author's books.  Kevin Henkes books are all super fun for character lessons. 

That's all for now. 

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